Mysql updating multiple rows

17-Apr-2016 11:28

:) Anwsers can be in simple SQL or with the use of php (and Code Igniter) or in a different way.

I'd this problem to be solved in any possible way ;) I can really use the advice/help!

=D Update My Table SET value = CASE WHEN game_id = 1 AND x = -4 AND y = 8 THEN 1 WHEN game_id = 1 AND x = -3 AND y = 7 THEN 2 WHEN game_id = 2 AND x = 5 AND y = 2 THEN 3 ELSE value END WHERE game_ID IN (1,2,3) AND -- the purpose of this WHERE clause x IN (-4, -3, 5) AND -- is to optimize the query by preventing from y IN (8,7,2) -- performing full table scan.

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(This is because the order in which the rows are updated determines which rows are ignored.) With this change, such statements produce a warning in the log when using statement-based mode and are logged using the row-based format when using mode.

INSERT INTO table_users (cod_user, date, user_rol, cod_office) VALUES ('622057', '12082014', 'student', '123456'), ('2913659', '12082014', 'assistant','123456'), ('6160230', '12082014', 'admin', '123456') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE cod_user=VALUES(cod_user), date=VALUES(date) combination is a primary key.Looping though, it builds the query and executes it.The array can then come from a variety of sources (results from another query, form inputs or, as in this case, hard-coded values) Update: If you really need to execute all in one, heres the PHP info on multi query: mysqli::multi_query This example shows updating two different columns in two different rows so you can expand this to more rows and columns by cludging together a query like this.That does when I try to update a record with the same value it already had, is there any way to skip the update if the current value is the same as being updated?

My SQL allows a more readable way to combine multiple updates into a single query.

Please see this answer for another, more elaborate research.