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There has been a tendency for non-Jewish books on Kabbalah published this century to use the spelling "Qabalah".Jewish publications are relatively uniform in preferring the spelling "Kabbalah".There are many stories of places similar to Christian heaven and purgatory, of wandering souls and reincarnation.The Talmud contains vague hints of a mystical school of thought that was taught only to the most advanced students and was not committed to writing.“In the first 15 minutes of meeting someone, your soul will tell you, like a little Geiger counter, if this might be your beshert, The One that is meant to be,” says Waxman.So, don’t waste your time if you’re not into them after date #1 or even your first beer.The earliest documents which are generally acknowledged as being Kabbalistic come from the 1st.E., but there is a suspicion that the Biblical phenomenon of prophecy may have been grounded in a much older oral tradition which was a precursor to the earliest recognisable forms of Kabbalah.

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Jewish tradition tells that the souls of all Jews were in existence at the time of the Giving of the Torah and were present at the time and agreed to the Covenant.

Another aspect of Jewish religion which influenced Kabbalah was the Biblical phenomenon of prophecy.

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