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He's going to learn about more practical things, like appliances, clothing, socializing and, most especially, girls.Index is still a fugitive and many powerful Magical organizations and individuals want to take her to use the books in her memory eliminating her in the process. See full summary » Shy and awkward, but moral and caring late teenager Minato, after failing to get into college again, runs into Musubi, a girl his age who surprises him with her superhuman abilities. See full summary » Moritaka Mashiro, a junior high school student, content to live out a relatively normal life as any other does, is persuaded by his classmate, Akito Takagi, to become an aspiring mangaka ...However, she soon discovers that the family is a coven of vampires.

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What happens when a harsh comment from Misty drives Ash to another girl -/- This site has incorrectly reformatted this story, removing punctuation and even some words, and I haven't had the chance to fix up the errors yet. You can't help who you love no matter how hard it is. When, in a moment of weakness, two friends go too far, can they ever regain the trust they once had in each other and themselves. Misty eagerly awaits his arrival hoping to tell him how she feels about him. And if that's not enough, there's someone else who wants Ash and for entirely different reasons.[AU] Misty's Training to be a Master in a large, ancient Stadium, but it isn't easy. Sequel to Dangerous Love Misty is once again in danger, but this time around, Ash is too absorbed in his training to notice the risks he has put her into.

But can they prove to hesitant Delia they can do this? but what thoughts come when you are sharing that bed with a friend you've known for years? AAML / AAMRN / Ashx Misty / Pokeshipping While cleaning out the attic, Misty comes across the Unown who are itching to try their powers out again,this time for world domination, will her friends be able to stop her before she’s lost to the Unown forever?

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