Dating the edgy girl

04-Aug-2016 18:29

It’s sort of like following any other girl’ Instagram account, except…a lot cooler, somehow. Somewhere XNowhere I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon this account…but I’m so glad I did. The Line Up NYC based Instagram account The Line Up offers some awesome looks that are as diverse and vibrant as the city it represents. She’s part ultra cute park spooky and that’s what so awesome about her.She has somehow managed to make simple band shirts and leather jackets look way cooler than they already are. If you love checking out some seriously vibrant clothes and accessories, you’ll definitely want to follow these guys. Just from scrolling through for a few seconds I got a healthy dose of hair goals and inspo to hit up the thrift shop. Also, her hair is such an amazing blue that I’ve never really seen pulled off so effortlessly. Small You know when you just look at an account and you’re immediately drawn in to the aesthetics. It’s colors, colors everywhere and her feed is full of her cute outfits and her equally cute gal pals.Hands up those of you who had a female teacher at school that looked like the beautiful Anna? Hands up those of you who had a slightly overweight, sensibly dressed, bespectacled, middle aged woman named Miss Wilson, or something like that, when they were at school?

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So many of them are only really focused on what’s on trend. If I wanted to know what was on trend, I’d open a magazine or go on some mainstream fashion site. She manages to make even the most basic, ultra feminine items look whimsical. Inu-Inu Honestly, I haven’t even bought anything from this shop yet.Is it time that marriage laws come to recognise the fact? You might be reading this and asking yourself, “What the what?

I usually masturbate for like an hour or more, several times and then straight after feel very low like for the rest of the day until someone cheers me up or cry myself to sleep and wake up in the morning and Im a different happier person.… continue reading »

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